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Becoming a Member

Interested? Thinking about joining Somerville 1st United Methodist Church?  

You can join by:

1. Transfer of your church membership from another Christian congregation, where
you belong, to this church and become a member.
2. If not a member of a church, take your vows of Faith to the Lord:
a. Do you repent of your sins and confess Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord?
b. Will you seek to grow in love for the Lord and neighbor through worship, study, 
and service?
c. Will you support the church’s ministries with your prayers, presence, and
3. If you’ve never been baptized, you have the joy of experiencing baptism by sprinkling
or pouring or by emersion.

Contact the pastor, Brother Stan with questions, discussion or to set a time when you want to become a member of the church.