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It Was A Full Moon That Night…..

…when I saw it. I was eight years old. My brother, Jerry was five. Our beds were in one bedroom, my bed under a window. That night, it was a full moon hanging there in line with my window. I had been looking at it back and forth between Jerry and me throwing pillows while Dad threatened “to come in there” and shut us up.

His latest warning got our attention, so we stopped and jumped in our beds. It was then that I looked up again through my window and saw it! It looked like a huge dark hand holding the moon like a yellow beach ball. Without any religious background, my first thought was (even for a 3rd grader), ‘It’s the hand of God.’

Suddenly, I was scared. TV sermons back then (and that’s all we heard) talked about a God to be feared. So, I took refuge under my blanket. Then I dared another peek and still, there it WAS-a silhouetted hand holding the moon. Did anyone else see this? I watched it for a moment or two and then dove back under my pillow. I looked again and the hand was gone! No clouds in the sky, no planes flying, the street usually noisy, were no quiet. While I have forgotten many other childhood memories, and remembered some that return for a while, I have never forgotten that night in our little bedroom on 1257 Canfield in Frayser. Could that have been God revealing Godself to a little boy for a few moments? I believe it so. There are stranger stories than this in God’s Word.

When I saw this holy, yet unexplainable sight, it awakened the idea of God in me. And I have been looking for the hand of God everywhere, ever since. Oh, not 238,855 miles up at the moon. I have learned that I see the hand of God right here on Earth in many places and people: in my church, in my congregation, in the lives of Christians, in nature, in all sorts of places, all kinds of people, even those who don’t profess belief in God.
Where do you see the hand of God?

Keeping my eyes and spirit open. Brother Stan

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