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Nursery Reminders:

In order to comply with our safe sanctuary policy please remember that only our scheduled nursery workers (Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Ashley or designated adult church member) may remain in the nursery during Sunday School or Service.  Also please do not allow older siblings to linger or remain in the nursery as this is disruptive to some of the children who are adjusting to the nursery.


Fall and winter also bring flu, cold, strep throat etc. and we in the nursery are trying to keep all our little ones safe and healthy.  Please do not bring sick children to the nursery.  I have advised the nursery workers that if they suspect a child is ill and may have a communicable illness to tell the parent the child may not be left in the nursery.


 If you have questions or input regarding the nursery feel free to contact the church.  

Somerville First United Methodist Nursery Policy